Japanese subjects for international graduate students

Japanese subjects for International graduate students

: Graduate student (master, doctor), Research student, researcher, Faculty staff

Making an account, registration and a placement test

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A. Class starting date

The first quarter: Japanese language courses will begin on April 12 (Wednesday).
The On-line class reservation starts at 12 p.m., April 5 (Wednesday).

*Note: First quarter: April 12 - June 2, 2017 / Second quarter: June 12 - July 28, 2017

To see Japanese classes time table :    Quarter1        Quarter2

B. Reservation and registration procedure for taking Japanese classes

Registration procedure:

1. Go to the web “Japanese subjects for international graduate students”


   And then click “Go to the registration site”. 

2. Making an account on the “Japanese Class Management System”

      - Students who have already had an account may continue to use the same ID in this quarter as well.

  1. -When you have a NEW or a RENEW Tokyo Tech student ID (e.g., your status changes from a research student to a master student, or a master student to a doctoral candidate), please change your ID number on the on-line system choosing from the menu list.

  1. - For Researchers and Academic staff


3. Go back to  “Japanese Class Management System”, and press  “ 2017 1Q”.

4.  Take the online placement test and choose classes that suit your Japanese level

     If it is the first time for you to take Japanese class at Tokyo Tech, you need take a placement test.  After taking a placement test, log in again. You will see classes that suit your level.


  1. -  If you are a true beginner of Japanese or having passed JLPT N1 and N2, you need not take a     placement test either.

      -  You should reserve a seat for second quarter class at the same time as first quarter class. (Fourth quarter class with third quarter class). However, if you have personal reasons such as your arrival in Japan was delayed, or research issues, it is possible to make a reservation for one quarter class only. 

     - We suggest you to register earlier since the number of seats in a class is limited. When the number has exceed, you will be put on the waiting list. 

*Note: We strongly recommend you to consult your academic adviser beforehand and gain their

consent before registering for Japanese classes.

5.  Attending the classes you reserved

       Please do not miss the first class. In the first class your instructor will assess your Japanese

     proficiency level. When the instructor approves to take the class, your registration will be confirmed. If your level does not fit the class, you will be advised and guided to attend a proper level class by the instructor.

  1. -If you miss the first class, or your reservation status will be changed into waiting, even if you have  registered the class earlier than any other student. The students on the waiting list cannot attend class.   


     - When a prospective student cancels a class, an email will be sent to the address you have registered

             saying that you are off the waiting list. After receiving the massage, you are able to attend the class.

6. Gaining Credits

    If the instructor approves you to take the class in the first class, please register the class on

   “Web Services for Student and Faculty (Kyomu Web System)”: http://portal.titech.ac.jp


For gaining credits, you need to register both; “Japanese class on-line system” and  “Web System for Student  and Faculty (Kyomu Web System).”  If you do not need credits, you just register “Japanese class on-line system”.

Note: Japanese Language and Culture Courses can be recognized as Humanities and Social Science Courses as corresponding 400, 500, and 600-level courses.”

C. How to cancel a class

    If you cancel a class, please do so as soon as possible using the “Japanese Class On-line System”. Login 

    from“ 2017 1Q”, and press “Clear” and then “Submit”. So that the student on the waiting list will move to the 


D. How to see test scores

     When you finish your courses, you will be able to see your test scores by logging the “Japanese class on-line

     system”. Grades will be given either pass or fail.

E. How to proceed to the next level

   Students will only proceed to the next level by completing “ the regular classes” such as “Basic Japanese ”

    and “Intermediate Japanese ”. TOJ classes are not counted as proceeding classes to the next level.

F. Priority order of Japanese class reservation

<Priority Order>

1.  Graduate students (master, doctor) who have reserved a seat prior to the class starting date. Order will be determined on a first come basis.

2. Research student, Exchange student

3. Researcher

* Research students and researchers will automatically be on the waiting list until a designated date. After this designated date, research students and researchers will be registered in order they applied if the class is within capacity. Normally each year, all students on the waiting list have been able to attend class with some delay. However, we cannot guarantee this in the future. 


G. Textbooks

There will be an announcement about textbooks in the first class from the instructor.

Textbook sale is planned at West 1 bldg., Ookayama campus. As for Suzukakedai campus, please use the COOP shop or purchase online.

H. Contact information

   1. Coordinator for beginner courses (B1-B4):

     “Basic Japanese”, “TOJ 11-12”     basic@js.ila.titech.ac.jp

2. Coordinator for pre- and lower- intermediate courses (I1-I4):

    “Intermediate Japanese”, “TOJ 10~, 20~, 30~”      intermediate@js.ila.titech.ac.jp

3. Coordinator for upper-intermediate and advanced courses(U1-U4, A):

    “Advanced Japanese”, “TOJ- 40~”advanced@js.ila.titech.ac.jp

  1. 4. Information about the Japanese Class On-line System, ID issue  system@js.ila.titech.ac.jp

5. Web Services for Student and Faculty (Kyomu Web System)   kyo.dai@jim.titech.ac.jp

Go to Japanese Subjects (日本語 page)

Note:  Please read the instruction carefully.

and log in using your student ID number, email address and password for Japanese class!