Japanese Intensive Course

                         平成29年度日本語研修コース( Q1& Q2)

               Intensive Japanese Course, 2017


The Intensive Japanese Course will invite new students.

This course is basically designed for the Japanese Government Scholarship students to learn Japanese before they study in their graduate schools.

The international students of Tokyo Tech may apply for the course

under the following conditions:

1. The level of the eligible students is fitted to the class.

2. Your research advisor permits you to attend the everyday class, through Monday to Friday.

3. You are able to attend all of classes and events.

4. The prescribed number of the class size will not exceed.

* Note:  We cannot accept any students who miss and delay classes.

-    Class Hours

     Period: April 12, 2017 - July 27, 2017

   Class hours: 9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (Monday - Friday)  

        Orientation:  9 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., April 12 (Ookayama West Bldg.1, Place Rm 118,)


  1. -   Application 

     On-line registration site : Click here!


  Please follow the procedure below.

1. Make an account on the “Japanese Class On-line System” using your valid email address.

2. Login to the“Japanese Class On-line System”, and select “I will apply an intensive course”.

3. After make your account, you may download the application form for the intensive course.

4. Bring a filled in the form with your supervisor's signature to the interview on April 10.

Note: the deadline of the online application is 12 p.m., April 10.



-    Interview

  Submission of the application does not directly mean that you are accepted as an intensive course student.  Those who may be admitted in the course must pass the following interview test.

     Time: 3 p.m., April 10 (Monday)

   Place: West Bldg.1, Rm W118, Ookayama campus                                                

     Please bring the application form with seal / sign of your supervisor.

    (If you find the above time inconvenient, please email Associate

     Prof. Hirakawa at  hirakawa.y.ab#m.titech.ac.jp)

     * Please use “@” for “#” when you email.


-   Levels and acceptable number of students

A class: 10 students  (Basic 1) (Basic 1/ , who has not studied Japanese at all.)                                 

B class: 5 students  (Basic 2) 

- Others

If you complete this course, we issue the Certificate of Participation.

International graduate students may obtain credits of your course of degree

(1 credit par 1 quarter for master students as 400 number subjects, and for doctor candidates as 600 ).

Note: those who have already finished the pre-intermediate level and wishes to

study more Japanese, you may proceed to take the Intermediate Japanese class

or any of higher levels.

You can find out further on our website:

                  ⇒ (Japanese subjects for Graduate Students)                               

-       Any questions concerning this course,

Contact : Course Director Professor  Yahiro Hirakawa (ILA)


* Please use “@” for “#” when you email.