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2019/01/10 Event:Homestay Program in Kakuda, A Farmers Village

2019/01/09 Event: On Jan.29, "Making'Dorayaki"

2019/01/09 Event: On Jan.25, "Doll Fesival'Hinamatsuri"

2018/12/10 Event: On Dec.19, "New Year'Card "

2018/11/01 Event: On Nov 28, "Tea Ceremony" experience! (Please make a reservation for a seat)

2018/10/18 Event: Japanese collage "Tear Picture(CHIGIRI-E)" on October 31

2018/10/03 New class! Advanced 1-C:Tus(10:45-) room H1-119A.

2018/09/28 New class! Advanced 1-B:Thr(10:45-) room G1-112(Suzukakedai).

2018/09/28 New class! Basic 1-H:Mon(10:45-)/Thr(10:45-) room W9-321.

2018/09/28 Classes starting dates for 3Q 2018

2018/09/28 Instructions for application

2018/09/27 Consultation hour for Japanese class resevation (9/27-10/3) (Closed fo 3Q,4Q)

2018/09/27 3Q Classes starting dates (10/4-)

2018/09/20 Orientation for New International Students:
      Date :Wed, Sep 26, 2018 11:45 -12:30 (after the entrance ceremony)
      Venue: Kuramae Hall, Tokyo Tech Front, 1st floor (same as entrance ceremony)
       Also, Welcome Coffee Hour (details on Japanese classes and others) after ceremony
      at W-1 Lounge, 12:30 - 16:00. Light meal and snacks are available.
      Meet us, join us!

2018/09/14 Intensive class reservation will start today, and end on Sep 28. (Interview on Oct 1.)
      Details :Intensive Japanese Course

2018/08/09 System open day for Japanese class reservation will be announced at the Coffee Hour, Sep 26

2018/06/21 Tanabata Event 2018 Page

2018/06/18 Event: On July 3, Star Festival (TANABATA) experience. Make a wish upon a star!

2018/06/13 Event: Let’s Juggle on June 13.

2018/05/19 Event: Magic Show on May 19.

2018/04/08 Traditional Japanese Culture Experience 2018 schedule (occasional update)

2018/03/06 Class information of First quarter & Second quarter : TBA in early April


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