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Japanese Language and Culture Courses are basically designed for international graduate students, providing programs designated to build up Japanese communication skills and...


Academic year 2020

2021/03/01 Announcement for the JLPT orientation

2021/02/25 Spring Intensive Basic Japanese 4 class opens

2021/02/15 International exchange event: Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) Party! (Online)

2021/02/10 Online Nihongo Space ~Announcement for Spring Break Activity~

2020/11/09 Closed Dates of Online Nihongo Space (Finished)

2020/09/28 Posted information about newly offered classes!

2020/09/25 Opened JCOS 3Q/4Q class reservation!

2020/09/25 Online consultation hours will be held! (Finished)

2020/09/20 Posted tips for buying textbooks in Japan (Special support ended on Oct. 30)

2020/09/20 Online Welcome Coffee Hours will be held on Sep. 30! (Finished)

2020/09/16 Opened the application link for Online Nihongo Space in 3Q!

2020/09/09 Invitation for the Virtual Tour offered by Kanagawa SGG Club (KSGG) (Finished)

2020/09/07 Posted information about 2020 3Q/4Q Japanese classes

2020/06/03 Announcement for the 1st Online Photo Contest (Finished)

2020/05/10 Implemented new application procedures for Online Nihongo Space!

2020/04/27 JCOS 1Q/2Q class reservation opened at noon today!

2020/04/25 Online consultation hours will be held! (Finished)

2020/04/24 Posted tips for buying textbooks in Japan

2020/04/21 Added information about remote lecturing

2020/04/20 Posted information about "AOS (Attend from overseas)" classes

2020/04/09 Opened "Online Nihongo Space"

2020/03/31 Updated information about Japanese courses

2020/03/09 Posted information about 2020 1Q/2Q Japanese classes

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