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Tokyo Tech Nihongo Space

About our activities:
"Nihongo Space" has been supporting international students in their study of the Japanese language since the second half of AY2018. The initiative began with support offered by faculty and staff members only, but since AY2019, language partners, volunteer Tokyo Tech students interested in language and international exchange, have also joined to practice Japanese conversation, offer tutoring in written Japanese, and give advice on how to study the language. Nihongo Space is held on Wednesday and Thursday (12:30-14:00) at the International Student Lounge of West Bldg. 1 (currently offered online only).  
Personal tutoring by Japanese lecturers
Friendly atmosphere  Exchange with language partners

Online Nihongo Space

* Closed Dates of Online Nihongo Space
Both Personal Tutoring and Conversation Practice will be closed on the following dates:
Wednesday Thursday 
Exam & Make-up classes period Not. 25 Nov. 26
Feb. 3 Feb. 4
Feb. 10 Feb. 11
Wednesday Thursday 
Winter Break Dec. 30 Dec. 31
Jan. 6
* Please contact us if it is difficult for you to participate in Online Nihongo Space from your laboratory.

Application procedures:
We are offering support for Conversation practice and Personal tutoring.
You have to be careful as the application procedures are different!

  • How to apply for Conversation practice:
    1. Send your application using Google forms.
    2. You will receive the Zoom ID by return.
    3. Access and join the Zoom meething in time!
    4. Show your student ID to the staff in the meeting room.
      (If you do not have your ID card yet, please tell your student No. to the staff.)
    5. You can apply for 2 sessions on the same day by sending one application form.
    6. e.g. If you want to apply for 1 session each on May 13 and 14 (2 sessions in total), you have to send your application twice.
  • How to apply for Personal tutoring:
  • You can get personal tutoring on your writing, as well as advice on how to study Japanese.
    Please note that:
    * we might not be able to meet your request, as the number of students we can accept is limited;
    * you have to apply for the tutoring by the day before at the latest;
    * you can only apply for one tutoring at a time;
    * you can apply for another tutoring only after you have attended the earlier appointment;
    * the maximum number of tutoring a student can apply for per month is 4.
    1. Send an email to nihongospace#js.ila.titech.ac.jp (please change "#" to "@" when you email) with the following information:
    2. A. Name
      B. E-mail address
      C. Student ID
      D. Name of your research lab or faculty and your academic status
      E. Preferred date and time:
       Please write 3 possible dates (select from Wednesday or Thursday) within the next 2 weeks.
       Please also indicate your preferred timeframe as follows:
       e.g. May 13(1), May 14(1), May 21(2)
      F. Purpose
        a) Check and correct your Japanese writing
        b) Consultation on how to study Japanese language
        c) Other ( Please explain in detail )
    3. You will receive the Zoom ID from the lecturer by return.
    4. Access and join the Zoom meething in time!
    5. Show your student ID to the staff in the meeting room.
      (If you do not have your ID card yet, please tell your student No. to the lecturer.)

    **Important Notice**
    You must not disclose the Zoom ID to anyone.
    You cannot attend the space without reservation.
    Recording of any kind (sound, video, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

Contact information:
  • Nihongo Space at Japanese Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Tech
    Contact address: nihongospace#js.ila.titech.ac.jp
    (Please change "#" to "@" when you email)

Past activities:
  • Information about Nihongo Space was posted on Tokyo Tech Admissions Website (Dec., 2020)
  • Activities in April, 2020  -> Click here!
  • (Support offered for Japanese language study and cultural exchange before the classes begin in 1Q)
  • Activities in 2019 3Q/4Q  -> Click here!