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Japanese Language and Culture Courses are basically designed for international graduate students, providing programs designated to build up Japanese communication skills and...


Academic year 2021

2021/07/21 Announcement for the JLPT orientation

2021/07/08 Invitation to Shuji Club (Japanese Calligraphy)

2021/06/23 Posted additional information about Tanabata special event on Jul. 7 (Finished)

2021/06/14 Announcement of Tanabata, Bamboo decoration

2021/06/10 Invitation to the KSGG Virtual Tour (Finished)

2021/06/07 Final call for applications for the 2nd Online Photo Contest! (Finished)

2021/05/26 Announcement for the 2nd Online Photo Contest (Finished)

2021/04/08 Broadened the eligibility of the following classes:

1) Japanese culture 2 (LAJ.T502): from B1~B4 to B1~I2
2) Japanese seminar 9/10 (LAJ.T449/450): from I7~U4 to I5~U4

If you are interested, please make a class reservation through JCOS.

2021/04/05 JCOS 1Q/2Q class reservation opened at noon today!

2021/04/05 Special book sale for Tokyo Tech students (Finished)

2021/03/31 Posted information abour Online Nihongo Space in 1Q/2Q

2021/03/31 Opened reservation link for Online Consultation Hours

2021/03/22 Online Welcome Coffee Hours will be held on Apr. 9! (Finished)

2021/03/10 Started Posting information about 2021 1Q/2Q Japanese classes

  • Please check our website frequently to make sure you are aware of the latest updates.
  • JCOS 1Q/2Q class reservation will open at noon on Apr. 5.

Our activities

Welcome Coffee Hours held online for new international students (Tokyo Tech News) Online Open Space connects language students even during spring break (Tokyo Tech News) Intensive Japanese Course was introduced on Tokyo Tech Admissions Website Students connect through online Hinamatsuri doll festival (Tokyo Tech News) International students complete intensive Japanese course online (Tokyo Tech News) Information about Nihongo Space was posted on Tokyo Tech Admissions Website Nihongo Space offers international students Japanese language support (Tokyo Tech News) Tokyo Tech student in finals of 60th International Speech Contest in Japanese (Tokyo Tech News)


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