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Welcome to Japanese Section at Tokyo Tech!

Japanese Language and Culture Courses are basically designed for int'l graduate students, providing programs designated to build up Japanese communication skills and cultural understandings.

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Academic year 2022

2022/08/04 Announcement for JLPT orientation

2022/07/15 Announcement for Summer Intensive Course

Course title: Japanese conversation: Pre-intermediate 2 (Students at B4-I2 levels are eligible for this course.)

2022/04/04 Special book sale for Tokyo Tech students (Finished)

2022/04/04 JCOS 1Q/2Q class reservation opened at noon today!

2022/04/03 Opened reservation link for Online Consultation Hours (Finished)

2022/03/17 Welcome Coffee Hours will be held on Apr. 7! (Finished)

2022/03/14 Started Posting information about 2022 1Q/2Q Japanese classes

  • Please check our website frequently to make sure you are aware of the latest updates.
  • JCOS 1Q/2Q class reservation will open at noon on Apr. 4.

Our activities

International students learn about JLPT in Japanese Section info session (Tokyo Tech News) Online Hinamatsuri 2022 immerses students in culture and language (Tokyo Tech News) Eleven international students complete Intensive Japanese Course with presentations to youngsters (Tokyo Tech News) New Year's card workshop offers students much-needed social activity (Tokyo Tech News) JLPT orientation held for international students (Tokyo Tech News) Three international students complete Intensive Japanese Course with final presentations (Tokyo Tech News) Japanese Section celebrates Star Festival in hybrid format (Tokyo Tech News) Second online photo contest unites students, staff online (Tokyo Tech News)

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